Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools (APIS)

APIS contributes to the common good in Aotearoa New Zealand.


  • Serve the Proprietors of all integrated schools in New Zealand, empowering unity and cooperation within a very diverse group.
  • Are the interface between integrated school Proprietors and government, enabling the relationship to flourish.
  • Facilitate the work of Proprietors as they fulfil their Integration Agreement responsibilities.
  • Enthusiastically promote education with a Special Character as an essential choice for New Zealand families.

As the operational arm of APIS, NZCEO will:

  • Continue to focus on comprehensive, quality service to all our members.
  • Continuously monitor the health of the integrated schools sector.
  • Scan and respond to our educational, political, social and economic environment.
  • Progress and strengthen our presence and activities in key strategic relationships.

So that:

Graduates of our schools make a difference for good, locally and globally.

The New Zealand Council of Proprietors of Catholic Integrated Schools has set up a Limited Liability Company to run its office. The staff of the office are responsible on a day to day basis to the Board of Directors of the Company. Members of the New Zealand Council of Proprietors of Catholic Integrated Schools are the shareholders of the Company.

The Office works with schools and diocesan educational bodies to promote a full understanding of Catholic education.

It liaises with the Government, Departments of State and a wide range of other organisations on matters relating to Catholic Integrated schools and New Zealand education generally.

It also acts as the office for the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools (APIS) which represents proprietors of all New Zealand’s Integrated Schools. The Government recognises the Association as the official negotiating body for matters affecting Integrated Schools in general. Integrated Schools are schools within the State system of education which have a special character. This is normally of a religious nature or one which reflects a particular educational philosophy.

The New Zealand Catholic Education Office is the constitutionally mandated office and Executive Secretariat of the Association of Proprietors of Integrated Schools.

The New Zealand Catholic Education Office welcomes enquiries about its services.

The following services are available to assist proprietors in their role:

  1. Various documents on the site provide guidance for Proprietors and their agents about running a State Integrated School
  2. Advice and guidance on a range of issues affecting our Integrated Schools
  3. Property advice: furniture and equipment queries, site plan updates by supplementary agreement, 10YPP, legal use of Policy One funding, Attendance Dues setting, etc.
  4. Any integration agreement change negotiations: preparation of the applications, guiding the application through the negotiation process with the National Office of the Ministry of Education and the preparation of supplementary agreements
  5. Funding issues
  6. Boards of Trustees: support and guidance
  7. Sector information in relation to the proprietorship of a State Integrated School
  8. Guidance relating to various Ministry of Education projects: e.g. the School Network Upgrades Programme

This list is by no means exhaustive. New challenges are regularly presented to Proprietors and office knows or will find the correct person or contact to assist you in dealing with the Ministry of Education.

  • Senior office staff meet monthly with the Ministry of Education’s Infrastructure Service personnel and Sector and Enablement personnel to track, discuss and collaboratively resolve issues that inevitably arise with our schools.
  • To achieve the very best outcome for your school(s) you are always welcome to contact our office. This is the avenue that the Ministry of Education recognises and encourages Proprietors to use.