Part 33 Education Act 1989 – Amended 2017
One of the additions in the Act was the right of the Minister to seek conversations with Proprietors relating to sustainability and viability of networks.  It is important for all schooling systems, including integrated schools, to have well developed property plans which show how we are managing the network and providing for its maintenance. For a copy of Part 33 and a MoE summaryof the changes, click here…

Education Council Draft Leadership Strategy – Feedback Sought
The leadership strategy aims to promote and enhance leadership learning at all levels and across a range of roles and positions.  The Education Council seeks feedback on the strategy by 30 March 2018. Link here…

Handbook for Boards of Trustees of New Zealand Catholic Schools – Electronic Update 
The 2016 edition of the handbook has been updated with references to Part 33 of the Education Act. Non-Catholic integrated school boards may find this resource useful.

Letters of Appointment to Positions in Catholic Schools
These form letters have been revised to reflect Part 33 of the Education Act, and recent best practice.  Schools are strongly advised to make sure they use the letters, which provide safeguards for Boards of Trustees in sustaining Catholic Character. Non-integrated schools may find this resource a useful template. Link here…

Policy One Increase for 2018
In late 2017 the MOE announced a 13.8% increase to $765.85 per student (inc gst) for 2018.