Essential Property Maintenance Package (EPMP)

Key information about EPMP funding:

A formal agreement was signed between APIS and the Ministry of Education (MoE) for the provision of the Essential Property Maintenance Package (EPMP).  This fund will be paid in two tranches to APIS.  Unlike the state system School Investment Package (SIP) which was paid to boards, the EPMP funding allocation will be paid directly to Proprietors as the legal owner of the land and property.

APIS will communicate directly with Proprietors during the EPMP funding allocation and project management process.

Principals and School Boards will communicate directly with their Proprietor about projects.  The role of APIS is to ensure projects are eligible and release funds to Proprietors.

Amount of Funding:

Funding will be provided to APIS in two tranches of $26.4m, the first in August 2021 and the second in August 2022.

  • The per student rate is $644.00. (See EPMP entitlement by school spreadsheet for your school)
  • The minimum of $50,000 will be paid to all schools whose roll would not generate this amount. (For example, roll generates $28,600 the payment will be $50,000) Maximum allocation is $400,000.

What it is for:

This funding is for essential property maintenance.  The funding is for the same priorities as Policy One Funding:

  1. address health and safety matters;
  2. maintain essential infrastructure; and to
  3. provide modern learning environments (internal or external).

Types of projects:

Projects will vary from school to school, but examples of expected projects might include:

  • Insulation
  • Sound management
  • Heating and cooling and ventilation
  • Security of windows and site as a response to emergency plans
  • Upgrading fire systems
  • Upgrading specialist classrooms to meet new curriculum expectations
  • Repurpose classroom spaces for more sharing among learners
  • Creating learning spaces to support technology and science
  • Refurbishing outside court areas or replacing paths that present Health and Safety risks
  • Development of gender neutral toilets
  • Replace roof
  • Upgrade all floor coverings


All projects must be pre-approved by 30 August 2022, regardless of funding tranche.

Projects must be completed within 24 months

  • by 30 August 2023 for schools receiving funding in the first tranche
  • and by 30 August 2024 for schools receiving funding in the second tranche

Proprietors are responsible for project delivery and are required to sign a declaration committing to delivery timeframes.

Approval Process:

Phase one: Pre approval of projects
  • Proprietors will be asked to identify a project(s) that fits within their funding allocation and discuss with their school board for acceptance. Proprietors can use Policy One funds to top up projects.
  • Proprietors will submit the completed pre approval application form to APIS including a declaration as to the priority of the project. (Signed by school board and Proprietor) and to meet timeframes.
  • APIS will review and confirm the project fits within the EPMP criteria and will sign off to proceed to the next phase.
Phase Two: Procurement and Release of funds
  • Proprietor undertakes procurement processes to engage Consultants and Contractors. (Refer to EPMP Guidelines for more information)
  • Proprietors will submit a release of funds application to APIS
  • APIS will review documentation and approve to release funds to the Proprietor
Phase Three: Project management and Reporting
  • Proprietors follow normal project management processes to deliver project in agreed timeframe.
  • On completion of project Proprietors will submit project completion form to APIS.
  • The Proprietor is responsible for providing APIS with quarterly reporting on progress.
  • More information to follow about reporting

A flow chart of the process can be found here