Welcoming new board members

An induction plan helps to bring new board members up to speed as quickly as possible. The aim should be a seamless transition where effective governance continues, irrespective of a change in who sits around the board table.

Are you new to school governance?

The role of the board is to ensure that all students achieve their highest possible educational outcomes.  Understanding your role and responsibilities on the board as quickly as possible will mean a seamless transition of new board members so that effective governance can continue.

The best way to learn about effective governance is to visit New Zealand School Trustees Association (NZSTA) website.  NZSTA provides a number of services to school boards, as part of their contracted services with the Ministry of Education.  Visit the NZSTA Resource Centre for information about school governance and the work of the board.

Quick links to NZSTA useful information:

Resource Centre
Community member guide to the role of the school board
Board member induction
Welcome on Board  – new school board members face to face learning

Have you been on a state integrated school board before?

A state integrated school board has an extra dimension due to the role of the proprietor and the requirement to maintain and preserve the special character the school was founded on.

In a state integrated school, the board includes proprietor appointees who are appointed by the proprietor of the school.  The whole board must maintain and preserve the Special Character as defined by the proprietor. The board’s role is one of strategic oversight, leadership, direction, and policy setting.